Stand-alone power systems

These are completely off-the grid and independent electricity systems. They produce energy and store it to use it whenever it is needed.
These systems are normally set up in remote areas, where there is no connection to the utility grid. It is the cheapest, cleanest and most independent way to have electricity.

They are totally ecological and there are increasingly more people who decide not to contaminate, be completely independent and get off-the grid.

Industrial Calzado

Fast payback:
The money invested in the system is paid back in no time at all and after that the Kwh. consumed cost absolutely nothing.

Long service life:
The solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years.

Total Independence

Production Guaranteed

Performance and Reliability

Stand-alone power systems

Monitoring in Real Time:

The majority of the stand-alone photovoltaic systems need a stable supply that is available at night (use of batteries) and a certain amount of autonomy (independence from the variability and randomness of sunlight). These requirements are satisfied by equipping the photovoltaic solar panel system with the corresponding storage subsystem, which consists in a battery bank and charge/discharge controller that makes sure that the batteries don’t overcharge.