Self-consumption systems

They are photovoltaic systems that do not store energy in batteries; the energy is injected into the electrical distribution system of the factory, house, etc.

During the day the energy that the system produces is consumed and if more energy is needed, it is taken directly from the utility grid, just like at night.

You get back the money invested in these systems quickly and then you can start saving significant amounts on your electricity bills.

Calculate your self-consumption


Power guaranteed

Short-term payback

Big monthly savings

You don’t pay for the electricity consumed in the day.

The sun gives it to you FREE and the price never goes up.

The photovoltaic self-consumption systems, without batteries, are mainly recommended for FACTORIES where the daytime production process consumes the electrical energy produced by the solar radiation.

The proper use and planning of the production process carried out in the peak hours of sunlight means that the independent system only uses the power from the electricity distribution company at specific times. These systems are becoming increasingly more profitable due to the constant increase in the price of electricity.

Warehouse roofs:
Systems are set up on warehouse roofs and they produce electricity close to the consumption points (industrial estates and towns).

This energy can be consumed by the factory located in the same warehouse where the system has been set up or it can be injected into the grid and consumed by other users.